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+++Kate S.+++
08 April 2020 @ 11:23 pm
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+++Kate S.+++
06 July 2012 @ 11:52 pm

Last night on a whim I decided to start RPing on tumblr.

After work today I drew up a preliminary character profile, wrote a little bio, and now am totes waiting for my babbus to get this shit rollin' because I really, really want to play-play.

What the shiiiiit I am so skuured and dksfjdsklfjdksl I haven't RPed in foreverrrrrrr okay more like almost five years?? BUT YEAH. I want to play so badly.

Is it wrong that I only just got interested in playing again after a random idea of an TF2 AU Asylum game?? IF IT IS I DON'T EVER WANT TO BE RIIIIIGHT.
+++Kate S.+++
05 July 2012 @ 04:21 pm

I has a Solly on my boobs. Life is good.

Ignore my derp face. I cannot take a picture without derping it up.
+++Kate S.+++
05 July 2012 @ 02:02 pm
Mmmmyes. Gonna spend the day packing up my shit so I can move in with mom again. FML.
+++Kate S.+++
02 July 2012 @ 06:45 pm

FUCK YEAH. Solly where have you been all my LIFE?
;;symphonic memory;;: Fun - We Are Young
+++Kate S.+++
03 October 2011 @ 09:29 pm
K so I'm absolute shit at keeping active on the el-jay. Sorry, sorry.

I was without internet for about a month there, since I had to choose between cable or electricity. Then I just didn't have the money due to other pending bills that had slightly higher significance than my lovely television and porn watching machines. Sadface like crazy, I know. But I finally have it back so yaaaaay!!!

Also got caught up with my shows. G-goddamn I have so many now WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?? A-ahem... Doctor Who raped me sideways and kissed me tenderly and uuuuugh. So much wut. And Glee is all kinds of awesome and special and UNICORN POWER. About to sit down and watch me the season finale of Warehouse 13, too. I need to get back into Kuroshitsuji because my darling Undertaker is even more badass than I recall, but my primary computer is acting like a spaz and I need to get a new graphics card BUT I AM UTTERLY BROKE WWWWHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY. Also also a bunch of others that I'm too lazy to name and whine about.

Also my wife finally gave me my belated birthday present in the form of piercings!! Wooohoooo now I have added a Medusa and a Labret to my collection of facial piercings, and I so don't even care if I have to choose between food for a week or another piercing because in a few weeks I will be getting my Bridge done! The universe demands it, damnit. It'll be fun at work until I heal up enough to switch in spacers though, I must say. BANDAIDS SUCK KTHX. I felt like I had a sweet Hitler-stache and a soul patch at work on Sunday I kept stroking them to keep them sealed and I must say, all I needed to do was laugh evily and I would have been a badass evil dictator. Must invest in facial masks to trick out once I get the money together to get my snakebites and nostrils done. I will be awesomepants, just you wait!!!

Also, tattoos are so sexy I want more and more and more! I'm so addicted. I just got one about a month ago(it's still fucking healing though, the light blue he had was bad so I got a minor infection, nothing serious it's just taking soooo long to heal) and already I've dropped off the next design for him. I'm pretty sure I got one more freebie before I have to start paying, but then again with how often I save their asses I'm pretty sure I'll rack up another freebie soon enough.

Work is dumb and I hate my managers and I hate the way things are run but I need the money desperately. I still have like three bills I'm behind on and I have payday loans due every week, and dad's pension checks just aren't cutting it anymore. I'm going to have to look for a second job, especially with dad having to go back to Massachusetts again this month. It's killing me financially but I can't not deal with this as it pertains to whether I will have to get a roommate or not. I'd rather not but it's a very real possibility...

And one more thing! I finally got a cat. He is loud and skittish and fat but I adore his dumb ass like you wouldn't believe. I can't help it when it's late at night and I'm about to go to sleep and he jumps up on bed with me, meows oh so quietly, then curls up against my hip until I fall asleep. He loves to be spoiled and petted all the time but he hates being picked up, he's nervous around new people, and for the first week I had him home he refused to come out from under my bed while my dad and I were still in the house. Now he thinks he's a freaking prince. And he is nameless, as I hated the name his previous owner had given him and I just haven't found the perfect name for him. Thus, he is referred to as either Fat Cat, Dumbass, or Banshee(due to his very vocal announcements of the fact that his foodbowl is empty and it should not be).

And noooooow I'm off to watch me some TV and bemoan my horrid money managing skills. Peace out, bbs. ♥
;;temperment;;: amusedamused
+++Kate S.+++
09 July 2011 @ 01:17 am
A fun night turned into hell at the last bit of it. Goddamn.

We went to the strip club to celebrate Dwayne's promotion and Tammy's birthday. It was fucking fun and awesome and all the strippers were in love with my big boobs. Like for real I motorboat'd like a dozen bitches it was aweeeesssssssooooooooommmmmmeeeee. Ahem, anyway... So I bought Tammy a lapdance early in the night and she wanted to buy one for her husband. No big. There was a stripper that we all liked and she had gotten off work, but Tammy asked if she minded giving Pat a lapdance before she left. She didn't mind so they went into the back. Now the lapdances only last the length of one song, so something like three to five minutes. After the fourth song we finally went to check on them.

No, he wasn't banging the fuck out of her. He was just sitting there like he's suppose to while she's grinding on his lap. He says after the song ended she just continued on grinding on him. Anyway, she tried to say we owed her a hundred dollars at that point. Um. Excuse me bitch but we paid for one lapdance. Not for you to continue throuh three more songs. Needless to say we went to the manager and told him, and at first he thought we were lying because she was done for the night half an hour earlier, but we told him how we caught her on her way out the door and she agreed to do it. So he called back there and confirmed it was the girl we said. He told us not to worry about it and that we don't have to pay. After that though, we lost the luster we'd had.

And then the worst part happened. Before we even got to the strip club I know I had my phone on me, since when we stopped for dinner mom called and we talked for a minute. She was going to call me back a little later. I know I put my phone in my bag before we got out and went in. Half way through the night I remember mom was suppose to call me so I start digging for my phone and I can't find it. I figured I dropped it in the car, no big deal. When I got home I jumped on the Sprint site and loaded up family locator and lo, my phone is in some apartment building. In Toledo. Where the strip club is. One of the strippers must have stolen my phone when I wasn't paying attention, and I have a good idea who it was. The same stripper that tried to rip us off. She was the only one that came and hung out at our table, hanging all over everyone and being extremely affectionate with us girls. Damn lesbian sticky fingered stripper.

We're pretty sure the bitch got fired too, since when we were leaving(shortly after the incident with the lapdance) we saw her sitting on the curb in front of the club smoking and looking really pissed. Serves her right though. One dance doesn't mean keep going and expect extra. Especially when you cash in first then deliver the goods. Idiot.

So now I have no money again, because I had to order another replacement phone, and I will be having a Toledo police officer call me tomorrow so I can file a stolen property report. I have the last location check I did on my phone before I restricted the services, so hopefully they'll be able to use that to get the bitch, or whoever it was that stole the phone. I don't care at this point, as long as something is done about it.

...I wouldn't mind some compensation too, if they do discover it. The phone is by all means defunct, so it's no use to me even if found, that just means I have a phone to send in. What with the non-refundable deductible I had to pay for the replacement phone. As it is I'm out the hundred bucks for the deductible, in the red with the bank, and even with next week's check I'm fucked. I couldn't wait though. There's no way I can go about without a fucking cellphone. Fuck I'm more dependant on that than anything.

SO now I'm going to bed before I kill something. All I know is I am definitely going to need that fucking payday loan next week and Tammy better be able to pay it off without me. I am seriously financially fucked.
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+++Kate S.+++
05 July 2011 @ 02:22 pm
How flippin' wonderful. My computer is acting stupid and I can't get a damn thing to work on it. Daddy won't be home for another few hours. Raaaage. All I wanted to do was play WoW goddamn. Is it too much to ask to play my huntard???? Hell, I was even feeling fruity enough to make a warlock...

Alas, my life sucks. Not just the computer problems. I ended up calling off work on Sunday because I spent all of Saturday at work feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach, and then I spent the majority of Saturday night throwing up. And because I called off during a holiday week I lost my holiday pay, and subsequently only will work a total of twenty-four hours. My paycheck is going to suck balls next week if I can't pick up an extra day or two. FML.

And Sunday was my lovely second wife's birthday. She finally turned twenty-one woohoo~ But I couldn't celebrate due to sickness, and I have no money until Friday, which is my first wife's birthday too. I feel like a fail spouse ;_____; We're suppose to take first wife out to get her nails done and have a lunch date, then possibly hit a bar or two. The only problem being we have no DD as her husband will be watching the kids, I plan on drinking and so does second wife. And second wife cannot drive without a sober licensed driver in the car regardless.

Right, well I'm going to shut up now and see about attempting to fix my computer. I need my WoW time damnit. And as much as I love daddy's laptop I am getting frustrated with it doing weird shit because I accidentally touch a series of keys while typing this post and it minimizing the screen or zooming in and out and messing with my head. -___-;;;;
+++Kate S.+++
11 June 2011 @ 11:27 pm
Doctor Who mid-season finale.

Just... dead. So very, very dead and weepy and spazzing and fkdlsfjkdlsjfkdslf DEAD. OMG MOFFAT IS GOD, THE DEVIL, AND BOB. Just so... perfect and amazing and my heart is breaking but so full of pure JOY. I CAN'T EVEN

Brb dying for realz omg.


I'll just have to go when I know what days off I have LOL YEAAAAH FORGOT TO GET MY SCHEDULE AGAIN. Good thing I always work first shift on Sundays otherwise I'd be in trouble agaaaain. Seriously though fuck my job I hate it if only I didn't need to pay all these BILLS ugh. Why do I have to be a grown up??? Why must I own a house and have to be a responsible adult?!?!?!?! And why must I have a fucking car? That bitch is so lovely but she needs a tune up STAT.
;;temperment;;: restlessWho'd Out
+++Kate S.+++
17 May 2011 @ 11:16 am
...okay so I'm finally, finally fully on the Doctor Who bandwagon. Wow I fail and am super slow but whatever I am completely, madly in love with the eleventh Doctor. And Rory. And Amy. OT3 for reaaaalz. WTF I don't do OTPs but I do for DW.

Also Rory needs to be naked more often.

Also the Doctor needs to be naked more often too. Can I get a Torchwood rating up in this bitch please?!

And naked Amy would be super delicious. ♥ Need icons. Nao.
;;temperment;;: chipperchipper
+++Kate S.+++
11 January 2011 @ 07:51 pm
I want CLU/Zuse/Rinzler hatesex RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.

In other news I'm very glad daddy made me go see TRON: Legacy with him. :D And desperately wish there was more Zuse in the damn movie because daaaaaayum. That is one fine dandy, thar. Mmmhmmm. Also Quorra is adorable and I want to keep her in my pocket FOREVER. ♥♥♥

Need more space for TRON icons.
;;temperment;;: chipperchipper
;;symphonic memory;;: DAFT PUNK - Derezzed
+++Kate S.+++
08 January 2011 @ 08:48 pm
Oh yes I forgot to mention that I finally got my Tease tattoo. Will upload pics later when I'm not so tired, though it's not fully done. I'll have to go for touch ups and to get some purple added to it. I still want another DGM tat just not sure what yet. The line-up of tats to come is thus; "21121" from Silent Hill 4 across my left collarbone, koi fish on the back of my right forearm, Chaos glyph from FFXII though I'm not sure where I want it yet, Suteki Da Ne lyrics from FFX in kanji on back of right shoulder, my Laughing Man logo from GiTS:SAC fixed properly, Biohazard and Umbrella logos from Resident Evil on the back of my wrists, Amaterasu from Okami on the inside of my right bicep, and the string of stars on my left forearm to be extended to form a lower half sleeve. I haven't decided if I want to add anything to the rest of my left bicep simply because that's where my memorial to my grandparents is. I don't want to dampen the emotional value of that one by bringing less meaningful tattoos into the equation, you know?

I also plan on getting more piercings now that I've had a chance to gauge my pain threshold. I definitely want to be my tragus on both ears pierced, and I want to turn my left ear into a baby ear project by getting a rook, daith, spiral, and outer conch done. I may decide on more later on. I do know I want to get a labret and medusa, but I'm thinking that won't be until after I've found another job with a less strict dress code. I'm lucky when I tuck my septum up it's barely visible(though it's still sore as a bitch so it's a little painful to do so) so they can't write me up for that, but unless I got my labret and medusa on the first day of my vacation and took both weeks at once, I wouldn't be able to take the balls off to hide them. Unfair, in my opinion considering the majority of my customers are pierced and tatted up the ying-yang... But I'm not going to press my luck.

Speaking of vacations... I still need to pick mine. I get two now so yaaaaaay. I have to have my form filled out and turned in before February first. Not so yay. I have no idea when I want to take my vacations, let alone if I pick certain weeks if I'll actually get them. I know I wanted to take the week of either Ohayocon or AWA, however I'm pretty sure those weeks fall on the ones that a co-worker of mine takes every year. She has higher seniority so I'd lose out. =/ I'll worry more about that once I have a decision on if I'll take both at once or spread them out. And once I've had a chance to talk to Brandon♥. I know I'll be seeing him this year and I can't waiiiiit.

Also also, I need a new scanner. And possibly a new tablet if I can't get my Bamboo to work... I ended up uninstalling it long enough to install my Cataclysm expansion and it's been working funny since. Granted I haven't reinstalled the software but even before when I hooked it up the first time it worked before I ran the install program. Oh well, I'll try that tomorrow as for now, I gotta be up at five tomorrow morning for work. Yay me x_X;;;;;; I MISS YOU GAYS LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE, BTW. MASSIVE RABU RABU AND BADTOUCHING.
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;;symphonic memory;;: Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes
+++Kate S.+++
05 January 2011 @ 09:39 pm
- Passed road test woohoo! Am now a fully licensed driver!
- Got my septum pierced as a present to myself for ceasing to fail at life.
- Got spoken to by manager because co-worker is bitching again. Politely pointed out that co-worker will bitch either way, but I will work on being a better employee. So... no more farting around. D: sadface forever.
- Going to read the great big GED book on day off on Saturday.
- Will shave legs as well. Fair-haired furry legs ewww gtfo.
- Miss all my fags on el jay. D: Must use more often damnit. Facebook has sucked out my soul.
+++Kate S.+++
02 November 2010 @ 04:42 pm
I need to learn when to shut my fucking mouth.

Anyone need a roommate? Lol fuck. My. Life.
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+++Kate S.+++
26 August 2010 @ 05:58 pm

I have my Looking Glass Wars and the sequel Seeing Redd to read, the first Twilight book(Tammy is rereading New Moon and will lend it to me afterward), I just bought Anansi Boys, and I'm still waiting on my boxset of the first three Percy jackson books and chapter one of Hanna is Not a Boy's Name to arrive. Plus sometime next week we're planning to go to the local library.

I have a lot of reading to do. Need to lay off WoW for a bit. Damnit. Plus I have to go get my alterations done for my bridesmaid dress. And buy that sexy strapless corset and spanks. Fabulous~.
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+++Kate S.+++
14 August 2010 @ 05:14 pm
Yaaaaaay. I ordered my new phone bfore work on Thursday and. When I got home on Friday it was waiting for me. Soooo awesome. <3333 Itt's much more user friendly than the BB was, though I still love my BB. I'll be heading to metroPCS with mom next week to flash it to her account so she'll stop bitching about not having one with a full keyboard.

Aaaaand in other news I really, really want to cuddle with my work crush. He's got all this sexy soft body hair and I just want to nuzzle in it forever. And this from thie girl who used to loathe hairy men. Hrm what happened to her I wonder? <333
;;temperment;;: bouncybouncy
;;symphonic memory;;: Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark
+++Kate S.+++
Nnnnggh. D-damnit... Okay kids! Can we guess which star this bitch has fallen for now? I'll give you a hint, he's British and wears armor. And had a very successful TV series.


...also just ordered the first three book boxset of Percy Jackson and The Olympians, pre-ordered my signed and doodled copy of HiNABN chapter one, aaaaaand ordered myself the Tin Man special edition DVD. W-waaaaaaaaah.
+++Kate S.+++
08 July 2010 @ 10:01 pm
...how sad is it that I squeed like a little bitch when I saw Kro-chan? ♥ So happy he's back! Even if it was only one little panel but STFU GODDAMN. I LOVE MY KRORY. IT'S ABOUT TIME HE SHOWED UP. A-and his new uniform is seeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ahem. Now onto the real response to this chapter...

...FFFFfffffff. Holy Geebus wow this is totally not cool for our Black Order whores. B-but Kanda, you so badass right now. Like I totally love you at the moment.

And I'm so happy to see Link too~ ♥ And even Hitler-chan, who is slowly but surely growing on me. WHHHHHHHHHHY.

;;temperment;;: workingworking
+++Kate S.+++
24 June 2010 @ 04:18 pm
My mom dropped her phone in the toilet at work the other night. It's like, so so dead. Suckage. So I talked to her yesterday and told her we'd get her a new one today.

I talk to her today and she's "not feeling good" and sore, so she sends me to get it. Whatever. She said it has to have a camera and be relatively inexpensive.

I buy her phone and bring it home, and she whines because it doesn't have a full keyboard.

...she didn't say anything about having a full keyboard. And, if I got her one it'd be a lot more expensive. If I return this one, I have to pay and 35$ restocking fee since they activated it and transferred all her files from the old one onto it. Y-yeah. Fuck off mom and deal with it. She should have just come with me then she would have gotten the one she really wanted. -_-;; It's not like I have the money to blow on returning this one and getting one she does want. So she tries to guilt me by saying she'll just not text. Umm. Bob texts just fine with his phone why can't she?

She's spoiled. See if I give her anymore phones.
+++Kate S.+++
05 June 2010 @ 10:48 pm
- New girl Mary got fired tonight. Stephanie sent me a text and I just about LOL'd myself to death. About time.
- Working on lots and lots of arts. I've gotten over my artist block♥!
- Hating on my tablet pen. ;____; I need a new one.
- Wanting an Intuos3 tablet. S-so sexy...
- Also needing more HDD space.
- Also needing more penis drawing practice. And boobie practice. Feel free to reply with pics so I can be inspired. >;D~~~
- Deb's on vacation this week so I have all her morning shifts. Funsies.
- Making lots of toons on WoW. I've got four on Feathermoon, two on Velen, one of Coilfang, and one on Moon Guard. Drop me a line with your realm and I'll make on there too. ♥ I'm addicted, I swearz. FOR THE HORDE.
- T-talking to a booooy(his name is Brandon♥). Met him on WoW during a random dungeon. Bonded over poking fun at an idiot newbie. Now we converse daily over AIM and are leveling alts together a-and he's not scared off by my innate creepiness!! Ohgodw-wut...
- Making a list of to buy books because I am FAIL and need to read moar. Brandon's given me a little list of must haves, so I'll pick them up sometime this week♥.
- Loving on Lady Gaga like crazy. What the shit happened to me.
- About to beat Pat if I don't get my freebie tattoo soon. I want it NAO DAMNIT. I'm either getting the Chaos glyph from FFXII ooooor a teeny tiny Tease from DGM.
- Need to shave my legs. Fuzzy little fair-haired forests eewwwwww.
- And pick up hair-dye. Must get together with Amy one day and do my extensions already. Fuck Carol and her stupid dress codes.

~~~My eyeliner runs in constellations for you dear~~~
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;;symphonic memory;;: Lady Gaga::Future Love
+++Kate S.+++
01 June 2010 @ 11:44 pm
WoW is taking over my life. Belfs and trolls are fucking sexy, too. Like seriously. I'm so in love with my toons, it's an addiction I swear. A-and I just adore my undead priestess because HAY I'M DEAD BUT I HEAL JOO K? ♥ Made a new friend today through the dungeon finder! We bonded over complaining about a newbie player asking stupid questions and being generally very dumb. Aaaand now I've gone and made two toons on his server to play with him. ;DDDD

Mom and I are going out to eat tomorrow with Trudy, who's birthday happens to be on Thursday. We both work that day so we can't do anything for it then, but we'll turn tomorrow into a double birthday thing, since it's a very belated birthday present for me from Trudy anyway. Lol, confusing much?
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;;symphonic memory;;: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill(Bury Me)
+++Kate S.+++
31 May 2010 @ 08:37 pm
HAAHAAAhaahaahahahaaahhh I'm so fucking tired and was about to nap wheeeeen I get hit with the desire to draw. Aaaaaand now I've made a new character. I love scars, burns, and grumpy men. ♥
+++Kate S.+++
30 May 2010 @ 08:49 pm
So I get an email from my brother's fiancee's sister about the bridal shower. She's pretty much begging for money to help with expenses. Whatever, chick, I can barely afford my bills, had to get my dress with my tax refund, and am in need of a car. She's not getting a cent from me.

Then she goes on to say that all tattoos must be covered for the shower in addition to the wedding. Wait, what? I'm sorry but I'll just not go. It's the bridal shower, not the wedding I shouldn't have to cover up my tattoos for that.

Not only that, but she also goes on to say no crazy hair colors. I'm sorry, I love Angela to death however up until the wedding I am allowed to have my hair however I want, dress however I want, and show off my unique body art any time I want. I have no problem covering up and dressing properly for the wedding, but don't expect me to take her fucking sister seriously over a pre-wedding party.

Especially when the bride to be, who has been with my brother for four years, fucking forgot when my birthday was. What the fuck ever.
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+++Kate S.+++
28 May 2010 @ 06:01 pm
Finally getting Haruana and Niibia finished! There's not much he can do to fix the pink since it's all scar tissue now, so we're adding red to the other sections that were suppose to be pink so it'll draw the attention away. Annnd I might get Conbat finished up today too. So excited!!

I got yelled at today but the store manager because it was fucking hot outside so I had my sleeves rolled up and didn't roll them back down once I came inside. What the shit. I think it's because the tattoo he saw was the one for my grandparents and the pumpkin has a cigarette in it's mouth. He probably thought it was a joint. What a fucking dick. I was still on my time and he had no say in my attire at that time. He can kiss my ass.

Also, I had to make five party platters today. Two of them were peanut butter and jelly sammiches with gummy worms. I swear all I can hear is that fucking song!!
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;;symphonic memory;;: PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME